Kemperija is offering a wide range of services:

Rent of campers and caravans – campers, caravans and vans we rent are being constantly replaced by and supplemented with new campers, caravans and vans. We want you to travel without any problems, safely and comfortably.

Sales of campers and caravans – we will assist you in choosing a camper that meets your expectations. We will always offer the best price and quality ratio and professional advice. If you are looking for a used camper or caravan, we will help you to acquire a vehicle that was properly maintained and serviced, with a clear vehicle history, so that you could enjoy your trips instead of solving technical problems.

Repair of campers and caravans – if you have any questions or any accident happens, we can promptly provide camper or caravan maintenance or repair services.

Spare parts, accessories and leisure goods – we can offer a wide range of accessories for the campers or caravans, a variety of leisure goods and can affix the accessories to any camper or caravan.

We put our effort for you to feel secure and comfortable during your trip!