About us

We are a team of experienced travellers. For a number of years we explore the diversity of the world, we enjoy the opportunity to choose the places we want to see and discover the unseen corners. It is much more fun to travel and experience new things with a nice company.

Willing to share the pleasure of travelling and discovering with you, we established UAB Kemperija. The activities of the company include rent, sale, maintenance and repair of tourist vehicles (campers), caravans and vans.

In 2012 we became an official representative of camper manufacturer P.L.A and in 2015 we became an official representative of camper manufacturers Chausson, GiottiLine and caravan manufacturer Caravelair.

The main goal of our team  – is to become your irreplaceable travel advisor.

  • We are accessible whenever you need us;
  • We provide clear and comprehensive responses to your questions;
  • We ensure your smooth trip, reliable and safe leisure vehicles;
  • We constantly replace our leisure vehicles with new ones;
  • We sell new or used campers and caravans that are of excellent quality, durable and safe;
  • We provide all maintenance and repair services of campers and caravans as well as affix the accessories.

Call or email us today – travel, search and discover together with Kemperija!

Your travel friend –

Kemperija, UAB team